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How to make the most of Summer

Hello everyone! I am sorry I have been away for so long, finals were hard and I was so tired. I had been sleeping a little too long and hitting the beach with my amazing boyfriend. The good news is I am back and with a thousand of blog post ideas. At the same time, I have some personal projects that will be starting soon, so get excited!

Apply to Internships
If you are one of the thousand college students who applied to hundreds of internships and didn't get any, welcome to the club. But don't you dare give up! This Summer is the perfect time to apply for Fall internships and co-ops. It is always a great time to apply for internships.

Start a Healthy Journey
I personally have decided to try the BBG workout plan, I always start it but hopefully this time I will finish it. At the same time, I will be taking a Cycling class for school, so the fitness aspect is on check. On the other hand, I will take care of my emotional health by implementing journaling in my daily activities.

Start a Business
As you may know, I started an Etsy shop a month ago. I haven't really have much time to promote it or work on it cause finals. This Summer, I am planning on working on it and grow my audience. I have heard from many girls that they are afraid of opening an Etsy shop or start a business. My advice here is: If it is your calling, pursue it!

Check out my Etsy shop: That Sweet Smile by Clau

Take Classes
Just like I mentioned, I will be taking a PE class this Summer. In addition, I will take three other classes cause why not... When choosing if I wanted to take classes or just sit all day at home doing nothing, the second one sounded too good. But, I would have to take 18 credits every semester til I graduate and well, I really don't feel like destroying myself that way.

Learn a Language
A language will always look great in a resume and it is always fun to be able to talk with locals when travelling. My amazing boyfriend is going to learn Spanish this Summer so he can talk to my grandma when he comes home with me. Isn't he the sweetest?!

Do a Reading Challenge
I know a lot of girls out there have the same problem as me, love reading but can't find time to read during the semester. During Summer, you will be traveling or commuting a lot and you will be able to read a couple pages per day. I really enjoy laying in bed and reading a little before going to bed.

Learn to Cook
Either you are going back to college or starting it next semester, cooking is always a good skill to have. I don't mean you need to become a chef, but you need to be able to prepare at least 3 meals for you to survive.

Get Creative
Start a Youtube channel, learn to code, take your drawing to a new level, create a photography portfolio... This are some of the few thing I could come up. Summer, when school is not stressful and taking most of your time, is a great time to explode your creativity. You not only have more time, but your mind is in a better, more relaxed place.

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