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Getting Healthier and Fitter this Summer

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer and having an amazing time at home or at internships or at school. I have been having a crazy busy, but lovely time in Summer classes. I am taking my favorite class yet and makes studying instead of sun bathing worth it. In honor of warm, long days and cool, sweet night I bring you the ultimate list of ideas on how to get ripped this Summer.

Go Surfing
When I was a kid, I remember begging my mom to let me go on a 3 months surf camp one Summer. She obviously said no and my dream of becoming a surfer died right there. Fast forward a couple years and I meet this amazing guy, my boyfriend now, who loves surfing. Coincidence? I don't think so... Even though he had tried a couple times to teach me the basics of surfing, I have given up... I just can't keep my balance... when paddling! 

But according to my amazing boyfriend, all that paddling gives you a good looking back and shoulders. I don't want to be one of those girls that are saying "my boyfriend is hot" all the time, but his surfer body is fine. 

Walk on the Beach
This is what I have come to do since I can't surf for my life. I walk on the beach and look out for my boyfriend and take pictures of him. If you want to boost your calorie burning session, I would recommend to run on the beach. I haven't done this in a hot minute. I still have PTSD from the last time! 

Get Some Vitamin D
Did you know Vitamin D deficiency is a thing? I was diagnosed with it last Fall. Since then, you will find me out in the sun as much as I can. Cause who wants to swallow a vitamin when you can get a tan. 

But Grab Sunscreen
Skin problems are not pretty. So, even though getting some sun is great for your health, don't burn your skin aka do not become a lobster. Reapply sunscreen periodically, specially if you start to notice your skin turning pink. At the same time, apply moisturizing lotion after a day at the beach or the pool, your skin is craving moisture, trust me...

Stay Hydrated
It is all fun and games until you are nauseous, light headed, and moody. This are all symptoms of dehydration and they are no fun, so make sure to carry a bottle with you at all times. You can always eat all the fruit to stay hydrated. Pineapples, watermelon, and oranges have a high percentage of juice on them. At the same time, coconut water has electrolytes and it tastes way better than your good old Gatorade.

Get Wild
Summer is the perfect time to go out and explore. Hiking and camping are always fun ways to enjoy the Summer if the beach is not your scene. But if you love the beach, snorkeling is a most. Other ideas (that are part of my bucket list) are sailing, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

Treat Yourself
I always include this in my posts, and it is because I believe health is about balance. No one wants to go on vacation and drink wheatgrass shots only (is that still a thing?) or spend hours in a gym. Go out and have fun, try new things and new foods. Live your life to the fullest!

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