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"Travel Tips from a College Student"

Hello everyone! As many of you know, I am an international student at North Carolina State University. I have been flying back and forth from Panama to Raleigh way too many times than I want to count rn. Don't get me wrong, I looove travelling, specially going home, but the whole security process and layovers are just annoying.

Throughout all this years, I have learned a couple tips that will help you, not only thrive during your flight and reach your destiny fresh and happy, but may help you travel on a college budget. 
Travel Early in the AM
Waking up at 3am cause your flight departs before the sun is even out, is not fun nor easy. But this flights are usually more affordable. At the same time, you will arrive to your destiny early and will be able to squeeze in some activities that same day, isn't that amazing? 

...Or Late at Night
The same on the way back, I usually arrive to Raleigh past midnight, but I get to enjoy one last day back at home. And even though it sucks the next day cause I will be sleep deprived, it is worth it. 

No Travel on the Weekends
You may have heard in other places that during the weekends, airplane tickets are a little more expensive. This is true! Every time my schedule allows me, I travel Thursdays and Mondays. 

But, have you ever considered that less people travel during business days? There is a higher chance the plane will not be oversold  and you will end up without a seat. Even better, you may end up with no one sitting beside you and being able to take a really comfy nap in three empty seats.

Never Pay for Upgrades
The last time I went home, when I went to choose my tickets, there were only two seats available with window and they were $50 more. After a little thought, because Instagram stories photos, I decided it was not worth it and will just seat in the aisle. Fast forward to the travelling day and turns out half of the plane was empty. I had the whole row for myself and ended up getting a nice window seat without paying extra cash.

Study Abroad
I remembered back in Freshman year, I called my mom and told her I wanted to study abroad in Spain. She laughed and replied "You are studying abroad in N.C." I never thought it that way, but she was right... I am studying abroad. Studying abroad is such a beautiful experience... You get to really know a place, the culture, the language, the people. My experience in North Carolina have been amazing. If you can afford it, I will highly recommend giving it a try. And if not, start looking for scholarships! 

Do Your Homework
A huge mistake people make when traveling is rushing to buy the first tickets that show up. I would recommend to spend some time doing your homework. Maybe your closest airport is not a big one and the fares are double than in other airports a little further. Also, consider that buying one-way tickets may not be cheaper. At least for international flights, round-trip can save you up to 40% of the total cost. I would recommend to look for multi cities, too. I was planning a super Summer trip the other day and turns out adding Boston and Chicago, to my international trip, only added $100. 

I sincerely have no idea how fares are determined and why travelling across the country is half the price compared to the next nearest city. Hopefully, one day I will discover how airplane ticket prices are calculated, but until then, you will find me trying different cities, dates, airlines in order to get the best value.

Get Some Inspiration
As always, social media is your best friends. A quick search on Pinterest can give you hundreds of places to eat, activities to do, and things to see. Also, I like checking Instagram for fun Instagram worthy spots in the city I will be visiting. At the same time, you can find the most amazing desserts and better looking food there.

Check out my travel guides:
Do you have any other tips for travelling on a budget and making the flight the best one ever? Please share it in the comments, let's help each other! Also, what is one city or country you can't wait to visit?

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