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"Time Management in College"

Hello everyone! So, I had been feeling pretty excited and scared at the same time, lately. I enrolled in classes last Thursday and I had a realization: I have 3 semesters left here! That is crazy... Even though you will always hear me b*tching about how much I hate my classes, the weather, the professors, the hours at the library, and that I just want to be done. It is actually not true... I love college! Being kinda independent and almost an adult, but without all the responsibilities is great!

That is the main reason why I feel more driven to write about college, cause I will be done soon! Not really soon but you understand...

Put your classes first!
Every single time I go home, my grandpa always look into my eyes and asks me "What are you doing at NC State?" to which I always answer "Studying!" since that is the answer he wants to hear, even though, in reality, I do way more. But he is right, I am at college to study and learn, everything else comes second. You all know I am involved in the a sport club and that I go to the gym all the time, as long as I am done with studying. College is too expensive for you to not prioritize it.

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Find your Productive Time of the Day
As you may have discovered after a couple months in college, we are not all productive at the same time. That is the main reason why libraries are open 24 hours... Back in freshman year, I would take a nap after dinner and then go to the library to study from 1:00 - 4:00 am, and it worked! Now, 2 years later, I have found that my productive time are early mornings. If I wake up at 7:00 am, have breakfast, and sit on my desk to study, I will tackle every single thing on my to-do list.

if you you just seem to find the motivation to study, learn how to study even if you don't feel like it.

Get a Planner (System)
This is a pretty common time management tip, but what they don't always mention is that you can be creative with your planner system. At the beginning of the semester, I bought a cute notebook, that was 3 times cheaper than a planner, and just write the dates and the stuff I have to do those days. It is pretty simple, but I can customize it! I am really into fitness, so I also track my workouts and how I felt during them. Also, I have a running to-do list, in this one I write small tasks, such as, call housing or email coach. Maybe you are great with bullet journals or maybe you would be better with writing in your hand (I do this sometimes). Just find what works for you.

Complete your Homework ASAP
Many students think that they will be fine doing the homework the night before, and even though you may be most of the time, it adds unnecessary stress and takes up hours of sleep. At the same time, what if something comes up that night and you are stuck at work, on traffic, or really have to be somewhere else? No one wants to miss an ice cream hangout with friends just because you didn't your homework early. Doing your homework as soon as you get it will allow you to be stress-free while participating in all those impromptu hang outs.

Take Breaks and Schedule Me Time
This is something I learnt the hard way, I need me time! Last semester I had so many hard classes and was involved in too many activities. I would be running from one place to the other and really did not took time to relax and treat myself. Obviously, I burned out... Now, during the weekends, or whenever I feel like it, I do spa nights. I wash, exfoliate, moisturize my face, paint my nails, and watch some chick flick. During the week, I usually take myself on coffee dates. I always feel like I need to be productive and study, but since it is scheduled and in my to-do list, I actually relax.

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