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How to Survive Finals Week

Hello everyone! It has been a looong and busy and exciting semester, and it is almost over! Next week is my last week of classes and then *insert scary movie music* the most stressful week of the semester... Finals week! 

Even though I am all about productivity and have learned, the hard way, that you should start studying for finals the first day of class, I am only a 20-years-old girl. I do not, by all means, have my sh*t together. I sincerely don't think anyone does... so embrace your disaster and be happy. But well, that is not the topic of this post, is about surviving finals. 

So here I bring you a couple tips that help me stay sane during the most stressful week of the semester.


Study on your Prime Time
As you may have discovered after a couple months in college, we are not all productive at the same time. That is the main reason why libraries are open 24 hours... Back in freshman year, I would take a nap after dinner and then go to the library to study from 1:00 - 4:00 am, and it worked! Now, 2 years later, I have found that my productive time are early mornings. If I wake up at 7:00 am, have breakfast, and sit on my desk to study, I will tackle every single thing on my to-do list.

If you have trouble finding motivation during finals, "What to do when you are not feeling like it"

Find your place

I used to think that in order to study, you had to be in a completely quiet environment with no distractions. Lately, I have found that I do my best if there is some kind of background music or noise. You will find me either listening to music (and dancing), listening to a YouTube video or podcast, or at a coffee shop.

Fun fact: I read on The New York Times that the constant hum of people chattering and espresso machines working boost creativity. Turns out, that in my case, it boosts mathematical skills, too!

Take breaks

And take as many as you think are necessary. The brain is a muscle and it deserves/needs to relax and rest. I like taking breaks every 30 - 45 minutes, your girl can only do statics problems for so long. Also, I like switching it up by moving around campus. I may spend a couple hours in the library, then walk to the student center, and then back to my apartment. This little walking breaks help me clear my mind, beat stress, and relax a little.

Get some serious sleep
This one is pretty obvious. More sleep, the less tired, right? But have you woken up after 10 hours of sleep and still feel tired? Well, it is not all about quantity, but quality, too. I usually (read always) have trouble falling asleep and not waking up in the middle of the night.  

I have tried everything and have found that putting my phone away and listening music helps me calm down. Another trick that I have been using to get good quality sleep aka pass out is working out really hard a couple hours before sleepy time. Also, you may think duuuh but, reduce your coffee intake.You can survive with only one cup a day.

Light a candle

There is something about your room smelling nice that just makes you happy and stress-free. Extra sweet points if your candle is something cozy like lavender or a holiday candle. I, personally, prefer tropical-ish candles just cause it reminds me of home and makes me happy. 


I know... it's finals, who has time to workout. Well, turns out working out will help you deal with stress and learn stuff faster! If you don't really want to workout hard because then you are going to be tired, go for a walk. This (scientifically backed-up) tip will help you remember more in less time.

But if you have no motivation to workout, check my post on "How to Actually go to the Gym". Also, make sure to check my Back and Biceps Workout and Leg Day Routine.

Keep an eye on the Coffee
Either you drink espresso shots or chug down energy drinks, just be mindful of all the caffeine you are putting into your body. Also, I would suggest to have coffee over energy drinks just cause chemicals... But you do you, it's finals and it is the most stressful time of the semester.

Pro tip: Buy your own coffee machine and save some serious cash. I bought my own coffee machine last semester and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. No kidding! 

Do not Indulge on Candy

No one wants to be hungry in the library while studying, but eating junk food and snaking on candy will not make you feel good. Candy will give you a sugar rush and you will most likely crash after a couple minutes, and we don't want that. 

Instead, have a couple healthy snacks around. My personal favorites are nut butter filled clif barscoconut water, and nature's bakery double chocolate brownies in my bag. 

Reward yourself
You know I am always  encouraging the "treat yo'self" idea. And omg in finals you NEED to plan for some me time to relax and not get overwhelmed. There is huge chance that after studying for days and taking a big test, you will not feel like studying. And that is ok, rest for a couple hours, do something for you, recharge, and get back into studying a couple hours later.

In my "How I Invest on Myself" and "How to be a Lot Happier," I go over some ways of treating yourself, and most importantly, why you should ALWAYS put yourself first.

 Extra Resources 
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 Final Thoughts 
Every time I get overwhelmed, my mom tells me that she loves the idea of me having an amazing GPA, but she prefers having a healthy daughter. In other words, "Don't risk your mental/physical health for a perfect 4.0" Hope you all have an amazing finals week and that your GPA goes up and your stress levels stay low.

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