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"How to pass a REALLY hard course"

Hello everyone! I had been sooo busy with college and my Etsy shop and working out, I had barely had any time to relax and do nothing. And if you had read "How I Invest on Myself"and "How to be a Lot Happier", you know how much I preach about me time.

Being an engineering student, most of my classes are "really hard classes." And  yeah, they take a lot of time and engagement, but they are not impossible. You just need a nice plan of attack and it may become one of your easy classes. That actually happened to me last semester, I was struggling so hard with Calc III, I changed my way of studying, and Calculus became my easy class. I still dedicated a lot of time to it, but I was doing much better than in my other classes.

And since I looove sharing all my tips so other students don't struggle as much as me, here is what I did:

Go to Class
Just because it is a hard class and you are struggling, does not mean you get to skip it... It will become a vicious circle, trust me. You don't go today because you don't understand what the professor is talking about, but you will be even more lost the next class. 

Also, the professor may give extra credits or tell you which problems/questions come on the test. On my hardest class this semester, the professor gives extra credit from time to time. Sometimes we don't have to do anything, just write our name in a piece of paper. I have gotten 4 extra credits and 2 extra points in test thanks to never skipping

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Always be Ahead of Schedule
I am so good with this at the beginning of the semester... I would always read the chapters and take notes before going to class. This would allow me to be able to learn the material faster and ask any question that I have. At the same time, instead of writing a lot of notes and rushing cause your professor is about to pass the slide, you can just relax, pay attention, and make one or two annotations.

Pay Attention in Class
Easier said than done... I have struggled with paying attention in class since I step in my first college class. First of all, I have a 15 minutes attention spam, most of my classes are an hour and 15 minutes. So there I am, thinking of puppies and searching for IG themes for most of the class.

Even though I haven't been able to solve this problem entirely, I have found that putting my phone in airplane mode and inside my bag helps. At the same time, putting my laptop in airplane mode. I would say to just put your laptop away and take notes on papers, but I have a touch laptop that I can't live without. It just work perfectly for my engineering classes.

An other tip I have is to always have snacks with you. I used to get really sleepy in class, to the point I couldn't physically keep my eyes open or bring myself to take notes. Turns out I suffer from low blood sugar, I wasn't just bored... Now, I always carry nut butter filled clif bars, coconut water, and nature's bakery double chocolate brownies in my bag. Things that I can chew on and will keep me awake and at the same time give me some energy.

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Look for other Resources

This may not be new to you, but look on YouTube and Khan Academy for explanations and concepts. I used Khan Academy for all my Calculus and Statistics classes and YouTube for everything else. I have to thank the Green Brothers for Crash Course. I would have never gotten A's on Economics, Literature, and History without them. 

Try something different
Sometimes, the way your professors teaches the class or explains the concept doesn't work for you. As well, sometimes the books are just not our style. Instead of giving up and blaming it on the professor or the complexity of the literature, try a different book or professor's notes and videos. 

Just like I mentioned before, maybe the way your professors teaches doesn't work for you. If this is a problem rn, switching up who is delivering the information may be your best bet to pass this class. 

Be Confident
Cause you are capable of anything you put your mind on! Sometimes it may feel like it is impossible, that there is no way in the whole universe that you will be able to get over this situation/problem. Just remember, God wouldn't have put this obstacle in your way if He didn't believe you are strong enough to get over it. So, start to work hard and don't stop til you make it. 

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Finals are coming, and you got this! You have worked pretty hard during an entire semester, keep it up for a little longer. No matter if it is your first or last semester, work hard now and be proud later! Also, check out my most popular post "Preparing for Finals Week"!

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