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"Spring Bucket List"

Hello everyone! Today is a really special day, am I right? First day of Spring! And even though it does not feel like spring in North Carolina, it is freezing cold and it may snow tomorrow, you will see me wearing some cute floral outfit. If there is something that I have learnt since I moved here, is to not let the weather tell you what you can and can't do. Unless, you are supposed to be at the gym at 6am and it is 35 degrees and raining cause #guilty.

So, like on the first day of every season, I compiled a mini bucket list to live this following months at the max. Most of this activities will have to wait a little since they must be done on a nice, warm spring afternoon with flowers blooming in the ground and bird chirping in the background. Sounds nice right?! Can't wait...

Buy Flowers at the Farmer's Market
Because is it really spring without some beautiful flowers around the house?

Plant Something
My mom was always the one taking care of the garden, I was never a huge fan of getting my hands full of dirt and planting some baby trees. I will always be sitting on a chair close to her with a lemonade on my hand. But this is about to change, your girl right here will soon go to the farmer's market and get some beautiful flowers to decorate my room. Who knows? I may even buy some vegetable seeds...

Spring Clean
I have been dying to clean my closet, but I haven't been able to find time. During this season, I will schedule a whole day for cleaning my closet. It is time to donate the clothes that do not fit anymore, which are a lot since I have lost 20lbs. since freshman year.

Pick Strawberries
It would be perfect if I actually get to go to a strawberries farm and pick a huge bucket by myself. But I guess I would be happy if I just pick some up at the farmer's market or grocery store... Well, that dream died quickly. The truth is I just want to eat them! Maybe I will even learn to do marmalade, or is it too complicated?

Have a Picnic
I have been thinking for months about having a romantic picnic with my amazing boyfriend. There is a breathtaking lake close to our university and I can see us, sitting on a classic picnic plaid, eating sandwiches from our picnic basket, with a bubbly juice in one hand and a good book in the other. Sounds delightful... Even though it may actually not happen in this perfectly sketched way, it will for sure be fun!

Fly a Kite
And make it, too. Cause how hard can it be? I have pretty good memories of my childhood flying a kite with my mom. I have no idea where or how, but she used to get me the most beautiful and colorful kites ever. I remember running down a cliff and seeing my kite fly in the air. Such beautiful times...

Prepare some Lemonade
And when I say do some lemonade, I mean try new recipes. I have always loved going to restaurants and getting a frozen mint lemonade, but I have never tried it at home, until now. I spent a little too much time on Pinterest looking at all the possible lemonade recipes. What I found went from the classics like the Strawberry Lemonade, to some not-so-classic such as the Raspberry-Habanero Lemonade.

Go Swimming
This will most likely not be done during Spring, but during Summer because classes and school and ugh. But I just wanted to include it here because the law of attraction... This is how it works right? hahaha.

Dance in the Rain
Cause you gotta be happy, even when days are not perfect. Although, I do love a rainy afternoon/night. Perfect time for cuddles, building a fort, watching movies, and sleeping.

Go Hiking
Last year, my amazing boyfriend and I took a mini roadtrip (20 minutes) on Easter weekend and went hiking to an state park close to our university. I would be thrilled if this little hikes become a tradition in our relationship, but who knows... We haven´t really decided what we are doing that weekend, yet.

Make an Easter craft
At least one... Your girl loves to make DIY projects, or at least used to. I haven't done any in sooo long, than ks school. So, lately, I have been looking on Pinterest and I have some that I would love to try. You know those tassel earrings that are so popular right now? Well, they are pretty easy to make. 

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