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"So you failed a test... Now what?"

Hello everyone! I really hope you are reading this post for fun and not because you actually failed a test, but if you did, do not worry. 

Sadly, I have some experience in this failing a test, studying really hard, and ending the semester with an A-. And even though getting an A- has no sap part, the stress and pressure that comes from not wanting to mess up the GPA, can be a little too much.

Here, I share a couple tips and techniques I have used, after getting a not-so-great grade.

First of all you got to accept that you failed a test. You gotta stop beating yourself and stop feeling sorry for yourself; these two attitudes will not help at all. We have all been there; studied really hard for a test, felt pretty good while taking it, walked out thinking you aced that test, and then received a bad grade... It is ok! We are humans and we are not perfect. Also, it is just a test. It is not the end of the world.

Learn from your Mistakes
The sooner you get comfortable with the idea that you did not do well on a test, the sooner you can start checking your answers and re-doing the problems in order to recognize what you did wrong and why you did not got a better grade. 
  • Did you got anxious? Check this!
  • Did you not have enough time?  Learn about time management here!
  • Did you not study enough? Check this!
Create a Plan of Attack
Now that you have addressed the reason why you failed the test, you can create a plan of attack for the next test. Story time...

Back in freshman year, I had to take a Calculus I class and omg I did not know math at all, but I thought I did. So, I was kinda confident when I walked into my first midterm, which was a Pre-Calculus review test. But, when I left the classroom I was so sure I had failed I just wanted to cry. Long story short, I figured out I had no clue what the difference between sine and cosine was, but I decided I was going to pass the next couple tests. I started to study extra hard, I would study and practice all the new concepts I was learning in my Calculus class, while teaching myself all the algebra and trigonometry I was supposed to know.

What I am trying to say is, that after you identify what your problem is, figure out a way for it to not be a problem anymore. I, personally, have found that two things work all the time...

Study More (duh...)
Everyone is different, but I have found that studying for longer periods of time help me get more done. Luckily, the last couple semester, I had been able to not have classes on Friday. This is a huge day for me, I do all my homework for the upcoming week, review what I learned during the week, and prepare for upcoming tests. 

Sometimes, a whole Friday and parts of the other days of the week is not enough. And even though you all now I am against pulling all-nighter and losing sleep, staying in the library (or wherever you want) til 2 am is necessary. Specially, if your previous efforts were not enough.

Reach out for Help
You don't understand what is going on in the class? No shame! Go and ask someone. Sometimes you may find all the help you need online or on Youtube videos. But there are other times that you may need a tutor. Look for free tutoring services at your school, huge probability they have for some basic courses, this will save you some serious cash. 

I reached out to a tutor like 2 weeks ago, and omg his rate was $60 per hour. And even though, I bet he is an amazing tutor and everything, I do not have the money for that. Other options that you have is talking with your professor or TA, they will be happy to help you. Maybe they are not thrilled about it, but, let's be real, it's their job...

Believe in Yourself
Cause you are capable of anything you put your mind on! Sometimes it may feel like it is impossible, that there is no way in the whole universe that you will be able to get over this situation/problem. Just remember, God wouldn't have put this obstacle in your way if He didn't believe you are strong enough to get over it. So, start to work hard and don't stop til you make it. 

So, I got pretty inspired with that little motivational paragraph... 

Ace the Test
Or at least pass it. Because sometimes acing it is close to impossible... 

As a final note, I really hope this tips will help you with whatever class you are struggling with. You are smart and you are capable of incredible things. Just work hard and give your all, that is more than enough.

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