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"8 Tips to Make 8 a.m. Classes Suck Less"

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's semester is going well and that everyone is thriving and reaching their semester goals. I really hope you are here for fun, and not cause you are actually struggling with your 8ams. But if you are, I got you!

After 4 semester at NC State, I had taken 8ams 2 semesters, and I will have 8ams every day next semester, except Friday cause no classes on Fridays! FUN! So, as you can see, I have mastered this early mornings classes. And I thought about sharing my secrets on how I am always happy and ready to learn so early.

Get some serious sleep
This one is pretty obvious. More sleep, the less tired, right? But have you woken up after 10 hours of sleep and still feel tired? Well, it is not all about quantity, but quality, too. I usually (read always) have trouble falling asleep and staying sleep, and I have tried everything on the internet. 

I have found that putting my phone away and listening relaxing music helps me calm down. Another trick that I have been using to get good quality sleep aka pass out is working out really hard a couple hours before sleepy time. Also, you may think duuuh but, reduce your coffee intake.You can survive with one cup a day.

Start the day with something you love
Waking up early to go to class? Not so fun. Waking up early to do something you love before class? That's better! I really enjoy doing my makeup and cooking, so I do this before going to class and I start my day in a really good mood.

Do some yoga or stretch
Oh, it is so nice to start your day with a good old stretch. I usually do a 15 minutes yoga routine which gives a great stretch for my back and legs. 

Prepare the Night Before
You know how, back in school, your parent will tell you to do your bag? Well, parents are pretty wise so keep up this habit. It will save you some time in the morning and will also save you the "Oh I forgot my homework cause I was half-sleep this morning." You can also choose your outfit for the next day. How about prepping your lunch? or breakfast?  That takes us to my next tip...

Get a healthy and delicious breakfast
Am I the only one who, at night, is excited about breakfast? I really hope not... The truth is I looove cooking my breakfast and, obviously, eating it. I have two go-to breakies, one savory and one sweet, so it pretty much depends on what I'm feeling.

I gotta love my avocado toast... Depending on what I have on my fridge, I add a poached egg, cheese, salsa... The options are infinite. For when I am feeling something sweet, I have some oatmeal, banana, berries, and peanut butter. Super delicious, super quick, and super nourishing!

But, if the idea of cooking makes you skip breakfast altogether, don't fear my friend, here are some options for you:
  • Overnight Oats add chocolate, peanut butter, am
  • Smoothies! Pre- cut and pre-pack the fruits and veggies in small plastic bags and save them in the freezer.
  • Put an egg in the microwave, grab a bagel or bread, and top it with the egg, some cheese, and veggies.
  • Buy frozen waffles (or cook them and freeze them) and add maple syrup and berries.
Get some coffee
My other favorite part of my mornings... Coffee. So, I bought my own coffee machine last semester and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. No kidding! I have saved sooo much money by replacing my usual Starbucks latte. Actually, my coffee machine has a milk frother, so the lattes have not been erased from my life. 

And please, do coffee, not energy drinks. I used to be addicted to them, we have all been there. But they are sooo bad for you. Full of sugar, chemicals, and fake flavors. A cup of coffee with milk has way more nutritional value than a RedBull.

Dance off your sleepiness
Play some happy, up-beat music, get out of bed, and dance! Lately, I have been all about throwbacks. So, you will find me jamming One Direction, Taylor Swift, and even Jonas Brothers every morning.

Get excited about learning
I know this can be a little hard, specially at the middle of the semester when you had to stay up to 3am studying for a midterm, but try to get excited. I mean, that is the main reason why you are in college... Also, try to take classes that interest you and makes you excited to attend. Another good tip is to get a professor who is excited to teach and makes class fun, this will keep you awake through the lecture.

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