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"6 Things Happy People Do Every Day"

Hello everyone! I have had the craziest weeks in college, so busy. Between my classes, job, rowing, friends, and me time, I have been busy a 100% of my time. Even though sleeping less than 8 hours a night, thanks to homework and studying, makes me kinda grumpy, I am a happy gal! Here are some of the things I do to keep a positive attitude and a big smile on my face everyday.

Practice Gratitude
This morning I woke up, sent a "Good morning babe" text to my boyfriend and then thought "What a beautiful day to be alive!" I, sincerely, have no idea where did that come from, but somewhere in between my alarm going off and waking up, I was actually grateful to be alive and excited for the day! Even though I have nothing excited planned today, just the same old routine: classes, rowing, homework.

I know you are not supposed to compare yourself to others or to take other people misfortunes for your own comfort, but just consider all those people that does not have the same opportunities as you. I would suggest to take a moment every day, or at least every week, to reflect on all the blessings in your life. I usually do this while praying, I thank God for all the love from family and friends, for all the opportunities that I have, for all the knowledge I am acquiring in college, and for being able to have the luxury of getting stressed over homework and not over bills I can't pay.

Go for a walk
or for a run. Take a hike. Just go out and get in contact with nature. I try to walk everywhere, from my classes to my apartment. This 15 or 20 minutes walk is usually a mental break, a transition from omg classes ugh to real life. Sometimes I reflect on my day, other days I call my mom. 

Or just workout
Get the blood flowing and the smiles coming. Idek... But you all know I love working out and just being active most days. I would say everyday but library lockdown days exists... 

Listen to music while getting ready 
If you don't do this already, what are you waiting for? Playing some fun tunes and dancing a little, or a lot, make it a mini workout if you want! I usually play music while I do my makeup and sing along; reason why I take so long...

Go eat out with someone special
I know college, and just life in general, can be busy and overwhelming, but you should always leave time to go out and have some fun with friends. Casually, yesterday I had a coffee date with my besties and we had so much fun. It is nice to take a break from all the studying I have to do and just enjoy some delicious vanilla lattes while gossiping and catching up with each other.

Get something with chocolate! How about a brownie with ice cream? Maybe a lava cake? It is proven that chocolate increases dopamine which will increase the oxytocin on your body. Just in case, oxytocin is the hormone responsible of happiness! We also produce this hormone when we are with people we care about and appreciate. So there you, double serving of happiness for you!

Don't overthink, just go with the flow
Believe it or not, I started saying this when I was in middle school... I was a wise girl! If you are one of those persons that, when faced to a little obstacle, starts to think of all the things that could go wrong, then STOP! Overthinking something will not help you solve it, it will only cause stress and anxiety. 

When you overthink, you just create an imaginary outcome. Probabilities of it becoming true? Really low. I don't know why, but we always think of the worst outcome possible. How about we start thinking of the best scenario possible?

Based on my experience in the last couple months, everything has it own way of working out.

"Always look on the bright side of life"

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