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"How to Become a Healthier and Stronger You this Semester"

Hello everyone! As a girl that had been into sports and fitness most of her life, I know my stuff. 

I started my fitness journey when I was 14 and decided, out of the blues, to run in a 5K race. After that, I joined the soccer, basketball, and flag football team in high school. Sports became a huge part of my life and when I came to college there was an empty space in my routine. Even though I was kinda working out everyday, it was not until I started rowing that the hole was filled with happiness and sore thighs.

This post will be a honest opinion of what had worked with me on my journey to staying fit in college.

Oh cardio... My lifelong love-hate relationship, and probably yours, too. But I will give you a little tip to make it all about happiness and love!

Saying "I'm going to do a 2 hour long cardio session" is the same as "I'm going to play a soccer match"? Hmmm... The second one certainly doesn't make you cringe. 

Cardio is not supposed to be boring and painful; it can be fun (and a little painful)! C'mon it is cardio after all.... You just gotta find an activity that you enjoy! Have you tried rowing? how about soccer? maybe lifting is your thing! Yoga and dance classes are fun, too.

Wanna get a small waist and a firm booty? Get off the elliptical and march into the weights room. 

You are not to grow muscles by doing cardio, you gotta break those muscles in order for them to grow. I, personally, struggle with this. Since I am always rowing, I XXX

I should say flexibility and stretching post workout. If you are feeling super sore and tight the day after you worked out, there is a high chance you did not stretched before leaving the gym. 

Or you actually went real hard on that workout... 

If you are like me, you always say "I will just stretch in my room" or "I don't need to stretch." Wrong! Let's all make a pact here, we will stretch after our workouts in order to be able to move our legs the next day.

Pro tip: Join a Sports Club.
If you had been following my blog for a while now, you know I am part of the rowing club at my university. Most of my motivation to become fitter and stronger comes from my team. I see how hard the push themselves to be better; and, well, I don't want to be the reason why our boat is slow... 

Probably you have read this a thousand times, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the meal that literally breaks the 8 hour of sleep fast.

Luckily, this semester, my classes do not start until 10:15 am, so I can sleep in a little, get ready, and have enough time for a nutritious breakfast. 

Currently, I am obssesed with avo toasts with cottage cheese and tomato slices. Another go to is a greek yoghurt parfait with any fruit I find on my fridge and whaterv granola or cereal is on sale. If I had a workout before, not commonly happening, I make a smoothie and throw some protein shake in there.

I am a cerealoholic,  I can go through three boxes of cereal in less than a week if I do not control myself. Also, I love trying out new flavors so I just go for whatever I find on sale.

This one is pretty self explanatory but oh well...

Your brain is 75% water. Do you think it will work properly if you are dehydrated? Ummm no...

Also, water help flush the toxins in your body (bye bye cheese fries toxins) and help with bloating problems. At the same time, drinking enough water helps controls the amount of oils in your face (bye bye pimples).

So yeah, carry a water bottle with you everywhere!
Actually, snacks are a (literal) life saver for me. I suffer from low blood sugar, and when my sugar is low my energy drops. I am talking going from laughing and having fun to super sleepy in like three minutes. Having snacks in between meals does not only keep my hunger in check, but it keeps my blood sugar at the right levels.

Having snacks on your back pack will save you some cash, cause who has money for a 5 dollar snack everyday, and will help you have control on your diet. 

My favorite snacks to carry around are Cliff Bars and fruits. Easy to eat while walking from one class to the other, super delicious, and healthy. Also, I have found that having combination of complex carbs (oats) and fruits half an hour before my workout, keeps my energy on the right spot, and allows me to perform better.

Eat Chocolate
Real, non sugar loaded dark chocolate is always good for you and your soul. Also, it is scientifically proven that it boosts your mood.

Biology 101: There are a little too many chemicals in chocolate that affect, in an amazing way, the brain. There is Phenylethylamine aka "the love drug" which makes your heart race and increase your level of excitement.

So, the next time you are having a chocolate milkshake or chocolate cupcakes remember, they are good for you!

Me Time
As an engineering student, my classes can get really stressful. All those Calculus formulas and Physics problem can build up in your mind, and suddenly you are binge watching Gossip Girl (best show ever) and you find yourself thinking about how to solve one of the problems. Or is it just me?

Well, I had found found that dedicating half a day for me time, and a couple hours a week for quality time with friends (yay for brunch!) is a really nice way to keep myself from going crazy.

On my "me time" I like painting my nails, doing facials, and watch a romantic cliche movie while eating industrial amounts of popcorn and chocolate.

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