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"Spring 2018 Semester Goals"

Hello everyone! So I started school a week ago and it had been crazy! I had to move into my new room, figure out my schedule after (finally) declaring my schedule, and getting interviewed for my new job. Then, all the free time that I had left was spent with my boyfriend because I missed him so much and at the gym because rowing duh!

Just like last semester, I decided to do a list of my goals for the Spring 2018 semester. Only I decided to do it a little different. Instead of making a long list of all the things I want to do during this semester, I decided to just focus on a few big things and have mini goals within it that will keep me in track of achieving this goals.

 Fitness Goals 
This semester I am finally a varsity rower, which is kind of a big deal (at least for me). I had been working my butt off for a a whole year and omg I had improved so much since the first time I sat on the erg aka rowing machine.

Since I just to get better and faster, just like every other semester, I want to get fitter. Also, working out really helps with the midterms stress. 

My fitness mini goals include:
(Finally) doing pull-ups without help
Gaining like 10 pounds of muscle (biceps come to me)
Reducing my 2k time

The last one is really important, and I am going to explain it a little because I know most of you are not into rowing. So, spring season is 2K season. This are really fun (and fast) races. But during training, we are supposed to have many 2K tests to figure out in what boats you are going to be rowing in the regattas, and, well, to track your performance.

This 2K tests are crazy. You literally put all your energy into it and keep going, full speed, for 8+ minutes. Disgusting alert! At the end of the 2K,people had gone so hard they end up throwing up everywhere eeewww! It is actually not that bad, I am usually the one laying in the floor about to pass out and with no control of her legs. For some reason, a small percentage of the world´s population, me included, consider this fun...

How am I going to achieve this goal?
All my goals have one thing in common: I have to get stronger in order to achieve them. So that’s what I’m going to focus on this semester. I will probably be moving to the gym in order to weight lift or something like that...

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 Personal Goals 
Read more books
I had always loved reading, I remember back in High School I would read a book a week and even a book a day. It is surprising how the amount of books I read a year had been decreasing; but the amount of books I own had been increasing. That is principally why I included this in my semester goals.There are so many books around my apartment that I had started but never finished. My goal for this semester is not only to read more, but to finish those books that I once thought were incredibly amazing.

Travel to at least one new place
Me, like 99% percent of the human population, loves travelling. Just saying if it is not obvious by the fact that I am studying like a 2000+ miles away from home. After spending a weekend at Washington D.C.; I had decided I am going to discover new city vibes, delicious food, and, if I am lucky, even a theme park.

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 Academic Goals 
Manage my time in a smarter way
I don´t know if this should be included in academic goals but whatever. Even though I consider myself good at time management, there is always space for improvement. The truth is that the last month of the semester I get really stressed and overwhelmed about final projects and finals that I end up giving up all my social life and workouts in order to study. This semester, I want to be able to keep doing all the things I like without failing my classes. In order to achieve this, I will need to 

Raise my GPA
As I already told you, I am a junior! And that means I am about to graduate (not really) and need to start getting ready for jobs. How do we get ready for jobs? Internships. How do we get internships? High GPA. Ok that is not entirely true, many other things are more important than your GPA, but it certainly helps. So, internships hunts is how I had been spending my time. I had already applied to 5 with big international companies. In order to secure I have an internship this Summer, my plan is to apply to at least 15 more. This may sound crazy to some of you, but internships are really competitive...

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 Social Goals 
Hang out more with my friends
I met my best friends thanks to rowing so I literally see them 5 times a week. But, you know, it is kinda nice to see your friends when you are not dripping sweat or have the coach yell at you for talking in the boat. So, last semester we started doing "Ladies nights!" and they are sooo fun. Also, we are planning of going somewhere for Spring Break and make a thousand memories we will never forget. (too cheesy?)

Have a date at least once a month
So, my amazing boyfriend and I had been dating for a year now (aaawww). We are both engineering students so we have plenty of study dates and coffee dates. Also, we love staying in. Like we make a plan for the night and get ready and then we just end up watching a movie in the couch. Even though I loooove those dates, we actually have so much fun when we go out. I already have some dates in mind for this semester, so hopefully we actually make it out of the door.

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