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"What to do when 'You are not feeling like it'"

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where "you are not feeling like studying"? I mean zero motivation at all, can't really focus on what you are doing, or you completely hate the class or find it boring?

Well, you are not alone... That is me everyday. Ok not everyday, but you know... Life happens.
Last week I walked all the way to the library, got all my notebooks, equation sheets, calculator, pencil case organized on the table juts to find myself re-reading the title and "not feeling like it." 

This can happen for so many reasons, sleep deprivation, starting to burn out, and even lack of fun stuff in your daily life. So, this is what I do when "I am not feeling like it":

'Just 5 minutes' Rule
This had been my favorite technique lately. 

I have this class which I really hate, so I tell myself I will only study for 5 minutes. But by the time the 5 minutes pass by, I am already engaged in the reading or in the middle of a problem and will not stop.

Another way to do this, is to say "I am only writing the title." But then, you realize that now that you have written the title, writing a sentence won't hurt you. An keep repeating this to yourself.

For this technique to actually work you have to really focus on what you are doing, otherwise you will not be interested on what's coming next and you will say "f*ck it."

Get a nourishing, filling meal
I had found that the lack of concentration on my morning study sessions is hunger. So, I like to have a nourishing bowl of oatmeal, peanut butter and banana before sitting down to studying.

Same in the afternoon, I usually study in the library and you can find thousands of snacks in my bagpack #noshame.

Rewards, rewards, rewards...
I had been using this as a modified version of the pomodoro technique. I engage in a task for 25 minutes (or so) and reward myself aka take a break with a 5-ish minutes youtube video.

I have been watching so many TED Talks lately, which is something good I guess #neeerd.

Even though, I am on my 5 minutes break, I am in study mode. I like staying engaged and learning a little about everything else but the subject I am already studying for. Also TED Talks make me feel real smart.

Avoid cramming/all-nighters
Cramming and All-Nighters (even late nights) are a NO NO in my college life. 

They always make me feel anxious, nervous, and way too tired. And yeah, there is a lot that you have to study, but that is why you gotta manage your time. 

I start studying (seriously) for a test 2 weeks before it. It is enough time to re-read all the notes, find out which concepts you really don't understand, and be able to talk about them with a tutor or in office hours.

Also, this technique leaves you pretty much nothing to study the days before the test and this can do wonders for your grades, specially if you get test anxious (like me).

If everything else fails...

Do something fun
I kow this is all about taking that "I don't feel like it" thought and give it a 180 degree twist. But sometimes, you just need to relax for a little.

So yeah...I am telling you to forget about studying, go out and have fun with friends or go to the gym. Just clear up your mind. There is a small chance the reason why 'You are not feeling like it' is because you are burning out.

There is a limited amount of concentration that your mind can manage per day; also, another reason not to cram. So don't be too harsh on yourself when you had been studying for 5 hours and you "don't feel like it" anymore.

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