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Quick Tips to get Fit in College

Hello everyone! Let's be honest, we all want to be fitter and healthier. Now, being a college student is already a full time job. Maybe you feel like you have sooo much assignments and projects that you can't find time to take care of your body.

Well, I am here to show you that you can! A great (and effective) way to achieve your fitness goals is to slowly integrate little tricks in your daily routine and make it part of 
your lifestyle.

 How to NOT Become a Fitter You 
Fad Diets
There are no quick fixes to becoming fit...

Fad diets recommend to maintain a (way too) low calorie intake. And even though you might think "What can a couple days on a low calorie diet do to me?" 

Well, my friend, it can harm you a lot. Fad diets will slow down your metabolism, cause hormonal imbalance, and even make you gain weight.

Story time! The first time I went to the gym to actually lift, about 4 years ago, I was determined to make my legs look strong (and make that booty grow). So I walked in there, tried every single machine that seemed to target legs, went from 0 to 90 pounds in the leg press (a lot back then). Pretty much killed my legs, I was sore for a whole week. 

Do you think I went back the next day? Um nooo... I didn't go back for a while actually.

Know your limits! At the same time, overtraining in the long run is the perfect recipe for an injury, and I am pretty sure you don't want that.

Have a Good Breakfast
I know... This  is like a super cliché thing to say, too. But it's true. Having a healthy breakfast will not only boost your metabolism but it will motivate you to eat healthier during the day. 

I have early classes (8am kinda early) and since I appreciate my sleep I have areally simple breakfast. I usually have oatmeal or another cereal and top it with bananas, berries, and peanut butter.

It is important to have a balanced breakfast that include whole grains, fruits, and healthy fats. I am currently indulging in PB2 and omg I am loving it.

Drink Water
This one is pretty self explanatory but oh well...

Your brain is 75% water. Do you think it will work properly if you are dehydrated? Ummm no...

Also, water help flush the toxins in your body (bye bye cheese fries toxins) and help with bloating problems. At the same time, drinking enough water helps controls the amount of oils in your face (bye bye pimples).

Eat the Rainbow
Really cool fact right here. The different colors of vegetables and fruits indicate different types of nutrients. I know rights... #mindblown. Red vegetables and fruits, like tomatoes, are rich in lycopene; while blue and purple ones, are rich in vitamins A and C.

Another cool fact is that the stronger the color, the richer in nutrients. So the next time you are trying to decide what is going to be the base of your salad, skip the iceberg lettuce and reach for kale or spinach.

Eat Less Meat
"Be careful... The crazy vegetarian is trying to convince you to stop eating meat" 

Not really... I am just saying reduce your intake of meat, specially red meat. You will not only reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol in your diet, but it may actually result in an increase of energy and health. 

At the same time, you will be saving animals and reducing your CO2 footprint.

Join a Club
I know I talk a looot about my rowing club, but I looove it! 

Most of my motivation to become fitter and stronger comes from my team. I see how hard the push themselves to be better; and, well, I don't want to be the reason why our boat is slow... 

Try Intramurals
Pretty much the same as joining a club. You are pretty much forcing yourself to workout. There will be days that you won't want to move, but will you really let your team forfeit? Yeah, I don't think so...

Also, you can more people that have the same interest as you (future workout buddy maybe).  

Have a Plan
There are few things than walking into the gym without a plan. I am guilty of these and omg I am so lost, I end up going from machine to another without really getting anything done. 

Walking into the gym with a routine you got from a video or a plan that you are following are good ways to NOT waste time in the gym wondering around thinking "now what?"

If you are lost and trying to get fit, checkout my workout plans:
Back and Biceps Workout
Leg Day Routine

Get a Workout Buddy
I am not gonna lie, I do not have motivation to go to the gym (ever...). 

Luckily, I have great fit friends and an amazing boyfriend who always go to the gym with me or motivate me to go workout. 

I love going to the gym with my boyfriend. Even though he says I am always just jumping around him, he motivates me to lift heavier. You don't want to look weak in front of the person that you like...

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