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"Pack With Me - Boston Edition"

Hello everyone! As I said a couple months ago, I am going to "The Head of the Charles" which is pretty much the biggest regatta in the world. It takes place in the Charles River in Boston, MA aka my fave city ever. My teammates are gonna be competing in a Women's varsity 8+ and, obviously, I would never miss it.

We are going to be driving there (NC --> MA) tonight, what a looong roadtrip. And we will get to spend the whole weekend, watching the regatta, exploring the city, and having tons of fun. I am oh so excited, I can't wait to be there!

Since I am just going for a couple days, and we don't have much space for bags in the car, I figured a capsule wardrobe would be a perfect fit for this trip. Well, that and the fact that I would probably buy tooons of cute clothes there.

Gray basic t-shirt
Black crop top
Burgundy graphic shirt

Black jeans
Black pleated skirt

Black moto jacket
Cozy sweatshirt

Red Bandana
Black knee-high socks
White leather converse (new faves!)

I was thinking of going the extra mile and bringing coats and hats because it's Fall afterall. But I really didn't have space and my beautiful hats were going to die (not good).Also, there is a high chance that when I open my bags, someone will point out how my clothes are 90% black... Well, I like black, it's October, and it looks classy. Cheers!

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