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"My Ideal Morning Routine"

Good morning everyone! Can you believe it's October already? Damn, time flies when all you do is study and row... I was actually really surprised when I checked and I am literally 2 months away from the semester to end. I don't kow why but it is like a weird feeling... I don't feel like I am two months in already...

Well, about today's topic... I have some questions for you.

Is your morning routine effective?

Do you even have a morning routine?

What is something you want to add to your routine?

Think about this questions for a second. Just sit back and think, focus specially in the last one. What good habit would you want to integrate to your morning routine? It could be in any area of your life... Fitness? Maybe health? Or simply self-growth? You can find some ideas in my "How I Invest on Myself" post.

Once you have figured out what is important for you and what you want to invest time on, start imagining that perfect routine. Not rushed, not messy. Maybe you want a longer shower, time to do your make up, or just enjoy a healthier breakfast...

I personally dedicate time to my fitness, health, beauty, and academics in the mornings. This are all really important parts of my life and I like to tackling them early in the morning. 

So today I wanted to share my ideal morning routine. And I say ideal cause it doesn't always go like these, cause you know, life happens... or you sleep in ooops... 

5:30 Wake Up
Yep, I’m an early riser.

Nop, no alarm needed. 

I usually do my bed, too. It takes me like 2 seconds since I don't move at all at night.

6:00 - 7:00 Workout Time

I usually go with my other teammates to lift in the morning. We are usually waiting for the gym to open, what can I say... We are dedicated people.

Also, I like going super early to the gym so there is no one there #antisocial. 

But for real! Since I go to the university gym, there are so many people ALL THE TIME, that is pretty much impossible to not have to wait for every single thing...

This past Tuesday, I was like "going to the gym at night would be a really good idea" Nooo. Huge mistake. I spent an hour there and it was impossible for me to squat, and I mean, it was leg day...

If you lack motivation to workout, I am sure my "How to Actually Go to the Gym" post will help.

7:30 - 8:00 Check Classes
After getting my workout done, I usually run back to my apartment. Not a long run, like 10 minutes, maybe less. But is nice to finish my workouts with a mini cardio session. 

Once I'm back, I walk into my room, play some music in my laptop, and brew some coffee. While waiting for my coffee to be ready, I usually check my emails and my student portal to see if I have any new homework due soon.

Sometimes, I check the news #adulting, but not gonna lie this one is really weird.

I also like doing a quick to-do list. Write down everything, from "Read Ch. 28" to "Call Mom"

8:00 - 8:30 Breakfast + Cleaning
When i come back from the gym I am the hungriest girl in the world. So yeah, no time for shower...

As you all now, I am vegan and well here are some of my go-to (healthy) breakfasts:
-Protein cereal, granola, sliced bananas, and almond milk.
-Smoothies! My fave is orange juice, berries, bananas, kale, and chia seeds.
-Whole grain waffles with bananas and berries on the side.

I also like to organize a little my room, just to not let it become an ew place.

8:30 - 9:30 Getting Ready
Now that my tummy is happy, I take a shower, brush my teeth, and do something about my hair. Letting it be curly is like the best decision ever, some water, cream, oil, and ready to go. 

I usually pick up my outfit the day before (no kidding) so I don’t have to waste time in the morning going through my whole closet in the search for an amazing outfit. 

Also, you can't wear a bomb outfit without bomb matching makeup. I mean, you can, but ugh... I like doing my makeup every morning, and the drama level of my eyeshadow literally depends on how much time I have.

By this time, I usually pick up my stuff and walk to the library or some other spot in campus to get some sht done. I usually get 2-3 hours of homework before going to my actual classes, and it is actually really nice.

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