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"Why I can't wait for Fall"

Hello everyone! Lately the weather had been crazy here in North Carolina. And, even tough, I am literally freezing all the time, I am really loving this weather. My amazing boyfriend is kinda sad because Summer (his favorite season cause the beach) is coming to an end, but omg I can't wait for Fall. This is literally my favorite season, I mean leaves changing colors, apple pie and ice cream, pumpkins everywhere... It feels like magic to me! 

These are the main reasons why I can't wait for Fall:

Fall Clothes
And I am not including this here because I just ordered a new wool floppy hat and a couple blanket scarves. Even though I love wearing red and orange and cyan, nothing will ever take the place that burgundy has in my hearth... Also who doesn't like ankle boots. I don't know, I just have the feeling that Fall clothing allows you to show more your style than any other season... Layering or the third piece rule, this season allows for way too many options.   

Apple Pie + Pumpkins
I don't think there is a better dessert than a homemade gooey warm apple pie with some vanilla ice cream on top. And yes, I am salivating as I right these... I had been looking for some recipes on Pinterest and I think I may have found a good one! Totally baking this soon and letting you all now how it went. Also, I can't wait to carve pumpkins, maybe is dumb but I had never done it, don't judge me. 

Me last year in Boston having fun in the pretty colorful leaves.
I am 100% convinced I was born in the wrong country... I am from Panama, and even though we have a strong American influence in our culture, our society is not big with this (awesome) holiday. Pretty much a couple people (not many at all) kinda dress up and party a bit, but omg I looove Halloween in here. Last year, I went with my friends to Savannah, GA for the weekend and it was oh so fun! Can't wait to see what I am doing this year. Also, I am in the process of convincing my amazing boyfriend to do a couples costume, i know super cheesy, but that is who I am... Also, did I mention candy and chocolates?

NC State Fair
I can't wait for this, I already made my friends promise me we are going. Last year, even though I really wanted to go and wander around for like the whole day, I was just able to get in a couple minutes before they closed. This year I will be there every single day (probably not but...) and I will just play games and win huge teddy bears and eat a bunch of food. Yummy! Can't wait for popcorn and cotton candy; and, who knows, maybe this will be the time I will finally try a funnel cake or fried oreos...

Football Games
Tailgates and touchdowns... What else can I ask? I went to the first home game last Saturday and it was really fun! I love the spirit of the people, the cheers, and I really love when we win (duuuh). Also, I love to play this game in which I mix all my red, white, and black clothes over and over until someone realize... You know, tailgates are a huge thing in the South.

I know what you are thinking, "She couldn't go at least one post without talking about rowing..." Well, the truth is I am overly excited right now, because my first regatta of the season is the 30th (so close!). It will be in High Point, NC and there is a huge possibility my amazing boyfriend will come with me :) Also, I will be participating in at least two other regattas this semester and I can't honestly wait.

Hot Chocolate and Cuddle Weather
Like I said before, I am freezing the whole time, to the point my nails take a bue-ish color. So pretty much all I want to do is get as closer to my boyfriend as I can to steal his body heat. Also, watching movies with an oversized blanket, zipping hot chocolate and eating warm cookies sounds like a perfect date to me.

This are actually just a couple of the things I love about fall, i could go on and on about all the magical things about this season. What are your fall favorites? Also, take a look at my Fall Pinterest board, Pumpkin Spice and Changing Leaves. What are your favorite things about this amazing season?

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