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"My Back and Biceps Workout"

A while ago, almost a month, I shared my Leg Day Routine and I heard from a lot of you that it was a great workout. So, I though "Hey, this could be a thing! I can actually make cute routine printables and boom! Help thousands of people." 

Ok, maybe "thousands" is a little too much, but hey, a girl can dream... 

I usually go to the gym in the mornings, and I am talking 6am here, that is when the rowing club lifts... but, it is kinda nice knowing you achieved something great while everyone else is still in bed.

"Successful people do what they need to do, 
even when they don't feel like it"

Yeah, I don't love the idea of getting out of bed that early, specially when I had a looot of homework the night before, but I still do it. And the reason is because I know I am working towards my goals and I will looove the feeling after (... and those gainz).

Well, while you laugh at my sillyness, here is a second part of my "Workout Series" (I guess? idek), my Back and Biceps Routine. 

StretchAt least 10 minutes
This is actually kind of important... And with that I mean vital for your health. You need to stretch, if I could get a dollar for every time I see a person with an injury that could have been prevented by stretching, I would probably be rich... No kidding, stretching is underestimated.

Pull-Ups + Chin-Ups Superset - 3 sets x 6 reps
I like to do supersets because I can actually do something in between sets other than just wander around the gym. Also, pro tip: they can't take your machine, if you never leave it.

Arnold Press - 4 sets x 10 reps

Bent Over Barbell Row- 3 sets x 8 reps

Hip Bridges 4 sets x 15 reps + 25 seconds hold
Another way in which I give my mucles a little break is by doig a move that targets a different muscle. And, since rn I am trying to grow my booty, I love doing hip bridges with some weight disks in my legs. And yes, it hurts, but I am so weird with the barbell... idek

Barbell Good Morning - 4 sets x 8 reps

One Arm Dumbbell Row4 sets x 8 reps
This is a personal favorite since the day I discovered it aka 4 years ago. I used to the all the time back in high school and my biceps where looking niiice.

Low Cable Rows - 3 sets x 8 reps
This are great for your back and biceps, it is one of those moves that actually work this two muscles.

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown - 4 sets x 10 reps
100% sincere here... By the end of my workout I am usually (really) tired and I just love ending with this two machines cause I get to be seating down... Yeah, I'm guilty! I am a super lazy fit(ish) girl.

CardioAt least 10 minutes
I am a rower, so don't judge me when I say some cardio in the rowing machine is a perfect way to end a workout. But, I guess you can always hop on the treadmill or even do some abs moves. One of my besties always ends her lifting session with a mini abs session, and daaamn her abs are amazing.

Also, I live kinda far (not really) from my classes, like a 15 minutes walk but it's a hill so you get it now. Not really feeling like walking it up 10000 times a day. So, I have being dealing with the typical problem of "What am I wearing today?" for a while now.

I have classes so I need something casual, but I also have rowing practice right after class. And, in addition to that, I like being a little extra with my looks. This usually means bright red lipsticks or statements necklaces.

Well, I actually think I nailed it with this outfit. Kinda casual, super sporty, and that mesh long sleeve is that extra touch that my outfit needed. And yes, i went the extra mile. Instead of taking cute gym selfies, I went all the way to this park and walked around until I found a pretty spot to take my photos.

You can find mcrop topleggings, and sport bra following this links; and well, my sneakers are from Nike.

Don't forget to pin it :)


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