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"Fall Bucket List"

Hello everyone! Can you believe today is the first day of Fall? Now, can we all agree this is the most magical season? There is something about falling leaves, chilly winds, and cute skirts with knee high socks that just make my heart melt. Extra sweet points cause Halloween is my favorite holiday. 

Also, quick life update: College is still hard, stressful, and blah, blah, blah... I have so many plans and stuff going on right now, it's insane! This has been my busiest semester by far; 17 credits and actually being a super active member of all the clubs I am involved in. I barely and rarely have time to just sit down and watch a movie. I am always multitasking (watching a documentary while doing my design class projects) or on the run (late to class almost everyday) but I am kinda managing everything and that is great.

Going back to important stuff, Faaaall! I wanted to share my bucket list for this season. There is a huuuge probability I will be doing all this stuff with my boyfriend, he is like the most amazing guy ever, no kidding. A couple days ago, I was reading this list to him and he reacted, to each of them, with one of this two:

"That is really fun, let's do it"


"You are so basic..."

There was no in between... Which I thought was pretty funny. We are actually planning to go to a pumpkin patch next weekend, and also planning some fun stuff for Halloween weekend. Did I mention we both looove Halloween? We are like candy junkies, and what better day to indulge? Sugar doesn't count on Halloween night... Omg Autumn has a special place in my heart and I am oh so excited about this following months. 

Carve Pumpkins
There is no better way to get into a nice, spooky mood other than carving pumpkins. Or that's  what I like to think... This year (luckily) will be my first time doing something like this. If my pumpkins are not too ugly, you may actually end up seeing them in my Instagram.

Attend a Fall Festival
Next weekend I will be attending to the High Point Autumn Rowing Festival (this counts as a fall festival, right?)  and I am sooo excited. It will be the first regatta of the season and my second race ever. Also, did I mention they have a huge rubber duck that we have to row around? Kinda cute right. 

Cute (Couple?) Halloween Costume
Halloween is my favorite holiday by far. There is something about dressing up, watching scary movies, and eating a looot of candy that just fulfills my heart with pure happiness. Now, this year I had been thinking of doing an amazing couple costume with my boyfriend, but will I convince him to this new level of cheesiness?

Haunted House + Scary Movies
Yayyy the true spirit of Halloween. My boyfriend loooves scary movies and I had been lowkey thinking to propose to him to do a 30-Day movie challenge in October. Huge possibility we will end up watching 7/30 cause engineering... But the intention is what counts. Also, popcorn and candy every night? I'm in!

Jump on a Bunch of Leaves
Just let your inner child shine and play around with the colorful leaves. Also, cute Fall pictures whaaat. I may take a little too many pictures this following months... Who knows?

Get Lost on a Corn Maze
Not gonna lie, I just discovered this is a thing, literally like 3 days ago... And since I am a sucker for Fall stuff I immediately look up for corn mazes in NC. I was willing to go to the other side of the state if it was necessary; but, luckily there are a couple here in Raleigh.

Bake Fall Treats aka Apple Pie
With the weather getting cooler and cooler, there is nothing better than cuddling up with my boyfriend with a cozy blanket, some hot cocoa, and a homebaked treat. I personally love cooking and baking, lately I had been thinking of making some apple pie or even  caramel apples. You can try some delicious fall recipes from my Pinterest board.

Beautiful, Cozy Fall Outfits
And dark nail polish and lipstick. Mac Ruby Woo lipstick, which is the perfect matte red, is my statement year round. But, during this magical season, you can find my lips going a couple shades darker.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with Amazing People
Last year I spent Thanksgiving in Boston with my family and it was sooo nice. Not only the food was way too good, but is always nice to get that family love, from time to time, when you so far from home. I am looking forward to this year's Thanksgiving.

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