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"Leg Day + Big Rowing Announcement"

Hello everyone! This is my second week of classes and rowing practices are about to start. I am sooo happy rn! I have practice from Monday to Friday and morning (6:00 am ugh) lifts twice a week. So yeah... Time to the big announcement! I have 60 days to get in the best shape ever because I am going to...
"The Head of the Charles" whaaat! Crazy right? Ok... Some quick facts about this (super amazing) regatta. 
- This is the largest regatta in the world, 11,000 athletes rowing in over 1,900 boats in 61 events. (I know, crazy right?)
-  The Charles River separates Boston and Cambridge. The regatta course crosses 5 bridges, which are super scary for coxswains (the people directing the boat and the rowers)
-  The regatta is a 5K or 3 miles, just as most of the regattas in the Fall.

Can't wait to be there...😻

So the huge is excitement is because, and you already know this if you know me, I looove Boston. It is literally my favorite city in the whole world. And omg just thinking I will be rowing the Charles River so soon seems unreal. If someone, a year ago, would have told me I would be training for this huge regatta today I would have thought they were crazy. Can't be more excited, already cried (happy tears only). So yeah, I have 60 days to get in the best shape ever so I will probably post a looot about health and fitness during the next two months.

Today in my weightlifting session I killed my legs (gotta grow the muscles), literally. My legs don't work anymore, they were all shaky as I was walking down the stairs to leave the gym. So I thought of sharing my workout with you all, will not only be a great motivation for me, but a little help for you, too.

This sweet smile is brought to you by endorphins and sore legs.

Leg Press // 4 sets x 8 reps Oh I looove the leg press, I can do a whole workout on this machine. Standard, wide stance, narrow stance, high and low foot placement... So many! And let's not forget about...

Calf Raises // 4 sets x 25 reps I used to work my calves standing up and holding disks; but unfortunaly as my legs grew stronger, my arms didn't follow ooops... So now I just intercalate leg press sets with calf raise ones.

Squats // 4 sets x 8 reps I actually like starting with no weight and really low and deep, and then go up on the weight. So I would do 10 reps only the bar. Then, 10 reps with 15 lbs on each side. And lastly the 4 sets with 110 lbs. This helps me focus on technique and form, but also works as a little stretch.

My squat ritual. Just the bar, 15 lbs on each side, 35 lbs on each side (aka 110 lbs whaaat).

Leg Curls // 4 sets x 8 reps Am I the only one who loves the burn? Damn feels sooo good. Specially that last rep that you can't even move the legs.

Hip Thrust // 4 sets x 15 reps + 25 seconds hold in the last rep Aka favorite booty growing move.

Assisted Pull-Ups + Chin-Ups // 3 sets x 6 repsI like to include this on my daily lifts. ot too many so I dot get super sore, but not too little. Some of this everyday had made me grow nice back muscles and super strong arms.

Rowing Machine // At least 10 minutes I mean, I am trainig for a regatta... Plus, I hate running so this is my cardio. I would suggest a mini cardio session just to get the legs moving and the lactic acid flowing, no one likes sore legs...

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