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"Last Weekend Back Home"

I am heading to the airport right now, bye bye Panama! I will get to North Carolina tonight and thought it would be great to share what I did my last weekend back home.

FRIDAY: Cousin's Graduation
I was supposed to go back to Raleigh a week ago, but I decided to stay so I could attend my cousin's graduation. She just finished her college life (she grew sooo fast #crying) and got a degree in Industrial Engineering #ProudCousin. Even though the ceremony was way too long, I had fun with my other cousins. Specially when we sneaked out of the place and crossed the street to a near hotel and got cheesecakes. My family got my cousin like 30 helium balloons; no kidding, they were 30! And omg she was sooo happy. She took a million pictures with them, every possible angle and every possible pose.

This is the outfit I got to use for the graduation and omg how cute it is? I was wearing my fave brand aka Tommy Hilfiger❤️ 
Dress and Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

SATURDAY: Food and Drinks
Saturday was a yummylicious day. I woke up super early and I went to say good morning to my mom, when she invites me to my favorite bakery + coffee shop, and omg you can bet I was waaay too excited. When we got there, I ordered a vegan sandwich and the best latte ever, yummy! I haven't had coffee since spring semester finals, so like 3 months ago. Better start feeding the coffee addict inside of me. While in classes, I literally run on coffee cause #EngineeringStudent yay!

Fun Fact: My super duper amazing boyfriend gave me this moon choker last Christmas. 
Sunglasses: Ray Bans // Shirt: Zara

This same night, two of my cousins and my aunt called saying they wanted to go out for dinner + drinks. We went to Casco Antiguo, a nice area with many bars, restaurants, and rooftops; and decided to get sushi nom nom nom. I ordered a vegetarian roll and it was delicious. Also got a mango sangria and omg they were sooo  generous with the wine. Yay for being legal in Panama!

Fuji Deli Roll: Avocado, sparragus, cucumber, rice noodles, and spicy mayo. Yum!

SUNDAY: Running and Shopping
Pretty much like everyday I spent in Panama, when I woke up, my mom was already waiting to go workout. There were mornings that if I slept pass 7:30, she will go wake me up. I can't even sleep in on Summer... Well, I laced my Nikes and we were off the apartment. I live right in front of the Panama Bay and we usually go for walks or runs there. Sunday morning was so nice and pretty, and I got a little too many endorphins and started doing cartwheels and failed attempts of fancy bridges.

 Me trying to show off my not-so-amazing skills at yoga. 

Later in the day, my cousins and aunt called to see if we, my mom and I, wanted to go out somewhere. Since I have a huge sweet tooth I convinced them to go to this kinda famous place in Panama called Ay Mi Negra, it is also located in Casco Antiguo aka the same area from Saturday. After waiting for 20 minutes in line, told you it was kinda famous, they started preparing my dessert by mixing milk with oreos and chopping strawberries. Once I got it, we started walking around and listening to Panamanian musicians on the streets. It was a really nice day and a great end of y Summer vacations.

Nom nom nom. Cookies and cream + strawberry ice cream rolls. 
Shirt: Boutique in Panama // Purse: Francesca's // Leggings: Zara


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