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"How to Actually Go to the Gym"

Hello everyone! So, as I mentioned a couple posts ago, I am training (my butt off) for The Head of the Charles Regatta. I had been working out at least 6 times a week and I am thinking of going to the gym twice a day in the following weeks. Even though I am a fit(ish) girl, I struggle a looot with motivation. Like, I will wake up at 6am to go to the gym (100% motivated) but omg just thinking that I have to put my clothes on, grab my bag, and walk all the way there makes me want to go back to bed (0% motivated). 

So, as every other fitness guru, just kidding I am not even close to be one... I low key wish I was one though. It would be so cool. Having my life (and abs) figure out, working out all day and having delicious food, not stressing about calculus problems... How nice is to dream, but back to reality. This are some of the stuff I do to keep myself motivated and actually get my body moving.

Make time and write it down: College can be super stressful, and you might just get caught into the study-party-sleep routine. Even though it sounds like a fine life, it will not help you achieve your fitness goals. You got to make time to work out, just as you make time for everything else in your life. Write it down in your planner or include it in your to-do list.

What works best for me is to workout first thing in the morning. I have 8:30 am classes some days, so I usually go to the gym before. Yeah I know… “I wake up at 6:00 am to go to the gym,” kinda cliche, but it eliminate the possibility of any meeting/project/homework to getting in the way of my fitness plans for the day. I used to workout after classes but there was always a stupid homework I had to finish or a new chapter I had to read... It was just annoying.

Set (realistic) Goals: Confession time! This is like my fifth semester saying "By the end of this semester I will have abs." Well, jokes on me, cause I still haven't seen those abs... But, I mean, I am in like a great place right now. I am part of a team, which kinda forces me to at least do cardio 5x week and lift 2x week.

Anyways, abs are a long term goal, they require a huge amounts of discipline and commitment, and I just can't do it right now (engineering is hard dude). So, I decided that this semester I will focus on smaller goals. Things like:
- Be able to do a pull-up and a chin-up (yeah I have weak arms...).
- Squat 150 lbs. (Almost there... 110 rn)
- Try a new sport or fitness class or cardio every week.
- Be able to play in an intramural team (hopefully flag football).

Me thinking about all the food I will eat later...

Another great idea is to train towards an event. I am training for my regatta (in 53 days) and having that goal keeps me motivated. Maybe you want to run a 5K or even a marathon (damn you are in shape). Or for a crossfit competition, those looks super amazing btw. Kinda want to try crossfit, kinda not have time for any other activity in my life. But for real, putting a due date to your goal is kinda like a huge way to motivate yourself. Extra sweet points if you actually make like a motivation board (I have a nice one) or phone wallpaper or whatever.

Join a club or go to a fitness class: If you going to take one tip from this post, I hope is this one. Most of my motivation comes from my rowing teammates. I want to become fitter and stronger everyday, so I can row faster and with a better technique. My teammates work so hard and I don’t want to let them down. Personally, I think joining a sports club, especially a team sport, is a fun (and fast) way to get fit.

Another thing I would recommend is to go to fitness classes. I went to a Zumba and a Yoga class last week, just cause I wanted to spice up my routine, and omg I loved both. I will totally go back some day in the semester (I am super busy rn), and probably will try some others like HardCore or Burn Barre. At the same time, this classes are a great place to make friend aka future gym buddies. While waiting for the Zumba instructor, a couple of girls started talking to me and they were super nice. But the best part is that it turned out we live in the same building. How amazing! Get out of your comfort zone, that is where the magic happens.

Go Shopping: One of my lifelong mantras is “If you look great, you will play great. I repeated this to myself, while tying a cute red bow in my hair, before every soccer/basketball/flag football game. I looove shopping; I mean, which girl doesn't... But for real, looking good = super confidence, and that is something you will certainly need when you are walking towards the dumbbells and there are 10 guys hanging around and looking at themselves in the mirror.
But, great news, you don’t have to spend a fortune on workout clothes to look good. There are many stores that have great deals on sport bras and leggings. I got a couple of compression pants and sport bras from Under Armour, Victoria Secret Sport, and Nike (yay for sales and outlets). But I usually get my leggings and t-shirts from Forever 21, Old Navy, and Missguided.

Get dressed: I know this may sound super silly, but it really works for me. I don’t know why (maybe cause I am super lazy) but it takes sooo much motivation to get myself on a sport bra or to lace my Nikes, omg it's unbelievable. So, I decide I am going to the gym, then I think "Oh, I gotta change," and then I just lay in bed for a little too long... I scroll through Instagram, organize my room, dance like crazy for a while... Pretty much anything but changing my clothes. But once I am dressed, daaamn nothing will stop me from going to the gym and killing it.

Love what you do and be happy: If you just don't like working out, then you have to find something you really enjoy doing so it won’t feel like you an obligation. I looove going to the gym to do weights; but cardio, not a fan. I get bored sooo easily, and just the thought of being in an elliptical or a treadmill for more than 5 minutes makes me cringe.

Reason why, on cardio days, you will find me on rowing on the lake or the basketball court. I have so much fun with these they really don’t feel like cardio. From time to time I go running, but just when I feel like it (never). You don’t have to force yourself to do anything. Find something you truly enjoy and you will stick to it. Just go out and try something new.

Just me trying to look super fit and obviously super happy in a rowing club event.

Make it a lifestyle: None of this tips will work unless you actually make this "fitness thing" into your new lifestyle. Make some small changes in your daily routine and actually make fitness part of your day. The best way, I had found, to include fitness in my life is by doing some sports with friends in the middle of my study sessions. You know when you had been stuck in the same Calculus problem for 45 minutes, yep that's when I go workout. Also, my amazing boyfriend and I like going out on gym dates on the weekend, he is my favorite workout buddy. We get to spend quality time together, have looots of fun, and grow those biceps.

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