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"Get Ready for a New Semester"

As classes come closer and Summer comes to an end, I found myself starting to stress about the new semester. It’s a whole new year and I have a long list of  goals that I want to achieve, which go from fitness to personal growth. In this post I will talk about the key to having a stress-free semester. Or at least, a few stress-free weeks at the beginning of it. 

Spend quality times with friends and family: If you live a couple miles away from college huge probability is you are not going to spend as much time as you are used. Take this tip from me, I am a 5 hours flight away from home, you are going to miss them. So go and make beautiful moments and take amazing pictures that you can hang in your room later.

Visit your favorite places: Every time I go back home I go to my favorite coffee shop, pizza place, and bar (I am legal in Panama yay!). You will not only miss the people, but the food, too. No matter what, the coffee will never be as good as back home.

My favorite bakery & coffee shop back home.

Start (planning) your new routine: Do you have 8am (this are not thaaat bad) classes? How about late night lectures? Start to shape your morning routine, get some delicious but fast breakfast ideas, Putting some thinking on what, when, where you are going to eat or workout or even study can help a lot into maintaining your sanity.

Write down your goals: I like to write down my goals, dreams, and aspirations before starting a new semester. As well as a strategy plan on how I am going to achieve them. Want to be more social? Introduce yourself to classmates the first day. Want to be fitter? Join a team. You get the idea.

Check your syllabus: Most professors post the syllabus online a couple days before classes start. Go through the whole thing, read it carefully. This is like a contract and I can't stress this more, it contains everything you need to thrive in the course. Your professor put time and effort onto writing it; and there is an reason for that, it contains IMPORTANT information and dates. 

Figure out tutoring: College classes are not easy and there is nothing wrong in needing a little help. If your college is like mine, the tutoring center offers group sessions or individual appointments for free. So go and explode this resource, also hurry cause the best ones are gone fast.

Get a planner: Now that you have the syllabus with all the important dates, get your planner and pen, or in my case color pens, and write down all these dates. Tests, holidays, assignments, weekly quizzes… All these stuff, write it down. I also like writing tips or notes  about the professor like, "Do the readings" or "Weekly pop-quizzes," in post-its and pasting them in the inner cover of the planner.

Cute color pens + cute wallpaper! Ready to start writing down dates on my planner.

Shopping for school supplies: Make a list of all the awesome and cute school supplies you want for the semester. Since we are all in the “broke college student” tight budget, make another list of the things you actually need. Take both lists when you go shopping, and since life is all about moderation, follow the 80/20 rule. 80% need, 20%want. Also...

Wait to buy textbooks: Seriously, I work at the bookstore and omg textbooks are so expensive! I really hope I don't get fired for this but, look for online PDFs or buy used books online. Also, huge chance you will not need the book to pass the class. In my two years of college, I've bought three books and all together they were no more than $100.

Organize your notebooks and computer: Now that you have your notebooks or binders, you can start your organization system. I usually use binders and put some folders inside so I can keep all my papers (way too many...) organized. I will also recommend making folders for each subject and putting them on your desktop. Desktop = Easy and fast access = Super efficiency.

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