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"Fall Semester Goals"

Hello everyone! I just moved in into my new apartment, so my room is a little messier than normal and full of boxes and bags. Ok... I moved in like two days ago but I am sooo lazy. I've tried but it's too much stuff, my desk is ready though! I will make a room tour post once it looks how I want it. So, I will be starting classes in a couple days and I put together a list of goals for this semester; cause you know, "a goal without a plan is only a dream."
Get A's and B's: I am about to start my second year in NC State and even though I am always whining about how much work I have to do and how hard classes are, I have a great GPA (above 3.0 whaaat). So, like everyone, I want an amazing GPA so the actual goal is to keep my grades going up. Hopefully I will struggle way less than the last two semesters... I just have to be psychologically prepared to put my 110% on my classes and BOOM incredible grades!

Make New Friends: Does anyone get super shy and scared when they are in a classroom surrounded by other people? No? Is it just me? Ok, cool... I really try to put myself out and meet people, but omg I get scared and overthink every single think I say or do. I had been working of overcoming this "fear" and trying to be suuuper extrovert and talk to everyone. Extra sweet points if I get at least 2 friends in each class.

Join (Another) Club: Last year I joined a couple clubs and, even though I did not fell in love with many of them, I met a lot of awesome people that are now my friends. As I always say, I am in the rowing team and omg I love the sport and everything, but the people there? They make my day. No kidding, they are all amazing and supportive and i just love them. I really want to keep joining clubs and discovering new hobbies and passions.

Do Volunteer Work: Last semester, I went on a date to the Science Museum in Raleigh with my amazing boyfriend, yeah kinda nerdy but super fun plus it was astronomy day! The point is I totally fell in love with the place and I wanted to be a volunteer; but because of schedule troubles, my dream did not come true. I really hope I can squeeze at least a couple hours a month this semester.

See how cool the Science Museum is? Or am I just a huge nerd...

Go Downtown (At Least) Once a Month: As I said, this is my second year here and I had not been in downtown Raleigh enough. This semester I want to just walk around and become familiar with the area, restaurants, and stores. Best case scenario: My amazing boyfriend and I getting a delicious brunch and then walking down the street to find a super fun concert maybe. I don't know... I haven't been downtown in a while.

Go on (Actual) Dates: Since my amazing boyfriend and I are both engineering majors, we spend a lot (way too much) of our time studying. So we usually have study dates or nap dates, which are incredibly fun. But I really like the idea of going out and doing something fun just the two of us. And I swear it is not just cause I got like 20 new dresses that are too pretty to not be seen...

Get Fit(ter): I joined the rowing club, on spring semester, and I quickly became a super fit girl with huge muscular legs and arms (not really, but you get the idea). I was doing weights, at least, 3 times a week and rowing almost every day, so I was pretty much in good shape. I had been slacking off this last couple weeks since I was home, can't wait to get back in the routine. I am thinking of working out 5 - 6 times a week, who knows...

Just me being silly on a morning run with my mom. #MissingPanama

Cook Healthy Meals: I dropped out of the meal plan this semester and, even though I am pretty sure I will regret it later in the semester, I am super excited that I will cook my own food. I am trying to go vegan (again) and cooking your own food is really important to make sure your meals are meat/eggs/milk-free. I already got a board in Pinterest with thousands of vegan recipes and a cute set of red pans waiting to be used.

Maintain the Equilibrium: This Fall semester, I am going to start my job as cashier in the university bookstore and will also take more credits than ever (17 whaaat). Also, need some time with my besties, my amazing boyfriend, and well rowing and all the other activities I am planning to get involved in. I just want to be able to do everything I want without losing my mind or sacrificing my beloved sleep.

Make Time for Myself: So in order to not lose my mind, I also need some time for myself. Just pampering and spoiling myself. I started doing some "Me Myself and I Nights" this Summer, sometimes I will include my mom just because facials are funnier with someone else. But yeah, I would just watch a movie, eat popcorn, do my nails... Stuff like that just to distress myself.

I am getting really good vibes about this upcoming semester, even though it is going to be challenging. I am excited about my classes, living with my friends, and been able to cook for myself. Expect some delicious recipes on the blog :) Sending super good vibes to everyone!

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